Yulia Valera and Elizabeth Marochok are Co-Founders of “TheDrugOnFly”, a women’s clothing apparel aiming to make affordable, sexy, quality clothes.

Currently, we are online retailer only, but in the nearest future will launch our brick-and-mortar in Los Angeles.

The market is currently overwhelmed with generic brands and we thought to come up with something provocative, eye catching, yet still simple. 

Our inspiration was from the enlightening creature, the Dragonfly. It is in almost every part of the world associated with the symbolic meaning of transformation, joy, and understanding of the deeper meaning of a life.

We both independently immigrated to the United States from Ukraine to pursue a career that we had dreamed about and for the better future for us and our family. And for us, the Dragonfly is a symbol of power and grace that shows you the way out of storm days, realizing your own unique strength and courage.

Our wish is that little creature will remind you that everything is possible if you open your heart and mind!

 Yulia & Elizabeth